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Vortex Nightclub

Blacken the View

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Vortex is a Dark Alternative nightclub held at The Republic (cnr Pitt & Bridge St) in the CBD. It features Sydney's foremost Goth, Industrial, EBM Electro & now Alternative DJs with regular special guests playing new and favourite tracks. Vortex features 3 x dancefloors, 3 x bars, Velvet booths, Vinyl lounges. Big screen visuals, Cloakroom, Lift and regular drink specials.

Before posting to this community please adhere to the following questions and appropriate responses:

* Are you posting details of a confirmed upcomming clubbing event in the Sydney area? If not, please try to use our forums or post the details to a more relevant community.
* Is the post you are putting up posted elsewhere and not specifically related to Vortex events or clubbing events that may interest the Vortex community? If so, don't post here.
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