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DNA featuring Sinister Sequence Live - Friday 25th of July @ CLUB 77 [Jul. 24th, 2008|12:31 pm]
Vortex Nightclub

[cross posted]

DNA - Full powered psytrance!

The genetic blueprint of electronic music featuring the cream of Sydney's production and djing talent @ Club 77 - The sound of the underground!

Live: Sinsiter Sequence
DJS: Raptor, Ben ET (Psybreaks) + guests tba

Sound: Martin
Lighting: Adictive Lasers
Decor: ESP
Ticket Info: $15 before 11, $20 after (mention live journal for $10 entry!)
Venue: Club 77 - 77 William St, Kings Cross
Time: 9.30 - 6 am

Sinister Sequence
Sinister sequence is spawned from a collaboration of Sydney producers, S.E.T.H, SENSUM and HEDONIX. Formed in 2006, the project was conceived to bring a new dimension to each producers main focus and serves as a delivery system for each artist to bring to the dancefloor their own unique technique, with a synergy of minds and a crossover in style. For psychedelic mayhem and intelligent design S.E.T.H serves as the acts brainchild while Sensum gives the driving force with a dose of patented spiritual awakenings albeit TANTRUMZ. Of course, as in any three-way, Hedonix provides splashes of Humour to go with what remains music with serious attitude. SINISTER SEQUENCE is bass-line heavy, driving power dance music with a balance of psycho's and nitwits.

The powerful and driving combination of S.E.T.H and SENSUM meets the Comedic audacity of hedonix - as described by one avid fan

With upcoming releases on Electric power pole records and another 3 hr set booked for the now synonomous sydney psylabel, SINISTER SEQUENCE is live music for dancefloors!

More info: http://www.espsyd.com
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Sensory Overload feat Spacetribe - live - Sat 18th of Aug (psytrance) [Aug. 14th, 2007|04:54 pm]
Vortex Nightclub

cross posted

Hi all friend of Vortex!

This saturday night Im throwing a big psytrance party featuring SPACETRIBE - live @ The gaelic club. Full venue transformation - 20k of sound - all the works!

full details are here: www.espsyd.com

hope to see some of you there!@

- Raptor
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Art Collective Share House O Doom [May. 14th, 2007|08:20 am]
Vortex Nightclub

Attention anyone in Sydney!

Myself and a group of fellow kinky/pagan/goth/geek/gamer/artist types are trying to set up a massive share house in a 35 room property in Marrickville. If we get sufficient numbers (we're looking at around 13-15) the rent will be only 135 a week. The property features not only a metric buttload of rooms, but a chapel, a library, a screening room, and lovely grounds. We are hoping to set up communal facilities like a darkroom and studios as well so everyone can do their thing.

Timeframe for moving in is likely to be the next couple of months, but if you can't move in until a little later let us know anyway, because the project might get pushed back depending on small details like whether the real estate agent will let us have this property. *grin* If we get knocked back on this one we have several alternatives lined up though, all in the inner city area, so the project will go on!

If you are interested, please drop by megadooomhouse and have a look at the ideas we have in place so far. Right now what we need is more bodies able to pay rent, so spread the word and come on over!
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FREAKUENCY - Evolve Mardi Gras Weekend Event @ ARQ (cross posted) [Mar. 1st, 2007|09:17 am]
Vortex Nightclub

Hi all friends and party people!

This weekend is going to be HUGE!! Hope to see you there

- Lui ( DJ Raptor)

FREAKUENCY II - Evolve Mardi Gras Weekend

Date: Saturday 3rd March, 2007
Time: 9:45 PM till no one is left (24 hour license)
Venue: Arq - 16 Flinders st, Darlinghurst
Entry: $15 (quote this message)

After last years rocking after party to one of the craziest street
parades you'll ever see - we have been invited back!

Our selected djs and artists always deliver the goods in the way of new
music and great energy! A progression from tribal & progressive through
to pumping psytrance is on the cards!

Eegor VS Luna Spice, Tract Vs Femme, Ben ET, Darkchild, Galaktik and Raptor

NO early shutdown - This party wont stop until there is no left, no
over-the-top hype – just 100% good music & production, a friendly vibe
and up-for-it party people
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